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The Mc Gough family have been involved in the food and catering industries for over 25 years.  In the past they have been involved in designing and building mobile catering trailers, installing outlets on train stations, in airports and shopping centres. As well as working in and managing catering outlets.

At the start of 2018 the family decided to start a new phrase of their collective careers, this one would see them setup their own company and start working for themselves.

The new business quickly gained the attention of some of the catering industries heavy hitters, such as Benugo, Gourmet Coffee and the York Roast Co.  Along side some of the biggest names in the design industries.

By the end of summer 2018 there was a realization that one thing was missing from the family business, its own food outlet.  This would allow them to add another platform to their business, give them a chance to sell the food they know people want and give them a way to show others one of their designs as a fully operational business.

So Goffy’s was born, a name taken from a nickname that family members have had all their lives.

The project took around 10 weeks to realise from concept to opening day.  Now the unit is open and serving hot and cold food to members of the public 7 days a week, on a busy shopping park in Preston

So now the Mc Gough family have added something new to their business portfolio and begun another new journey.  The Journey of owners of a retail outlet, but their ambition and their story may not end here.